What they'll learn:
1. anti-bullying techniques for PreK-5th grade
2. recognize the importance of helping others
3. see everyday people doing helpful things
4. importance of reading and writing

An anti-bullying show for PreK-5th grade
Our newest show
Produced with the National Library Series:
"Every Hero Has A Story"

 "The Blue Sky Puppet Theatre was wonderful to work with. Their show complemented the reading program perfectly. Totally engaging for all ages."
Colleen Semitekol, Children's Librarian, Palisades Neighborhood Library, DC Public Library

"The finest show ever presented at our school!"
Edgewater Elementary


 Complete Show Overview




At the beginning of the show, a puppeteer  teaches the audience the signature show song: "I'll Help You Today".
A complimentary CD is included with the pre and post show lesson plan.

Listen to "I'll Help You Today"! 


Meet Chester, an ordinary, every day,
 soon-to-be HERO.




When we meet Chester,
he's been writing his own Superhero Story:
 "SuperPig and The Three Kind Mice!"

Here's a picture that he's drawn
in his notebook of SuperPig.




Chester needs to return
some books to the school library.


Watch out Chester!
Hear the children roar with laughter
at the good old-fashioned slapstick!


Here's Chester riding his bike to school
 with his books carefully tied to the back.

At school, we meet his friend, Suzy,
who shows him a book that she's been reading.


And we all meet,
Buster, a class bully.



And we also meet, Mr. Picklebottom,
the school librarian and media specialist.
He introduces Super Heroes and every day heroes
like firemen and teachers - people who help others.
"I'll Help You Today" is reprised.

Listen to "I'll Help You Today"! 


Buster bullies Suzy
and takes the book
that she's been reading.
Mean! Unacceptable!



At home that night,
 Chester enlists the audience
to help him name The Three Kind Mice. 
The names have to rhyme!


That night, he wishes he has
super hero powers so he could
use them to make
Buster stop bothering them.



He has a spectacular and vivid dream
where he has superhero powers
and can control things with his...MIND!


Like his wash cloth!


And his toothbrush!


And he cleans his room
with a bulldozer!


And can use his mind
to change the letters
on his toy blocks!


And, of course,
he has super strength!


And can make himself INVISIBLE!!!
which startles his dog, Poochie.


And he can now understand dog language!
Chester and Poochie come to an understanding
 about dog doors and why Poochie barks at big dogs.
 A metaphor for fear and social anxiety is established.


When Buster starts bullying again at the school library, Chester tries using his new "superhero powers"
from his dream. When that doesn't work,
he steps in front of Buster to protect Suzy. 


Following the "Walk, Talk, Tell" format of
anti-bullying strategy,
Chester tells Mr. Picklebottom about Buster
 which leads Mr. Picklebottom to confront
Buster about his bullying behavior.


Buster apologizes to Suzy,
and they come to an understanding
with a realistic and happy ending. 


In the mad-cap conclusion to the show,
Chester "plays pretend" with the audience,
enlisting their help in bringing in
the wash cloth with their minds.


As well as the refrigerator! 


AND, Chester and the audience
 get SuperPig to fly off a page of his story!


The audience takes control of SuperPig
who starts to tickle Chester
which leads to a HILARIOUS conclusion.
"The End".  


The performer does a wrap-up of anti-bullying methods (working with the school counselor to be in line with county guidelines) as well as reading and writing. The show ends with a reprise of "I'll Help You Today".

Listen to "I'll Help You Today"! 

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