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Northern Virginia, Maryland & D.C.

The production values were terrific! Everybody loved the music, the puppets, the story! Keep up the good work!
Eva Turner Elem.

You guys are wonderful! This was the finest show ever performed at our school.
Edgewater Elem.

The entertainment Blue Sky Puppet Theatre provided for the crowds throughout the weekend clearly exhibited the diverse talents and energies we have come to expect, enjoy, and so greatly appreciate from your company.
City of Rockville.

A sensational, soul changing experience for all our young students.
Weatherless Elem.

I loved the student involvement. Kids were Captivated!
Oliver Beach Elem.

The performance has been the talk of the school and the community.
Farring Elem.

The show was absolutely wonderful. I've never seen the children so well behaved during an assembly. They were 100% captivated.
Riviera Beach Elem.

I thought the show was wonderful!
Berkshire Elem.

We have been continually impressed with their obvious commitment to education.

This is the second year that we have invited this theatre group to present "Treehouse". The message is clear, strong, and meaningful! Excellent performance and concepts!
Hybla Valley Elem.

The professionalism with which the performance was done undoubtedly deserves recognition.
Washington County Health Department.

I would like to extend a great big Thank You! Blue Sky's performance was wonderful, and the adults enjoyed the show as much as the children.
Board of Child Care.

I've never seen a group with more support than Blue Sky.
Falls Meade Elem.

It was a real treat for us all to have such an enjoyable morning of theatre. I wish you could have seen the attentive faces of the children watching the puppet show -- once again your generosity brought much happiness.
St. Ann's Infant Home.

"Rufus the Red Nosed Raindog" was both educational and entertaining. Our students all learned to think about the importance of being different.
Damascus Elem.

We were all very impressed with your puppeteering and the way you captured the children's attention. The enthusiasm and liveliness you generated through your shows helped turn the day into a truly exciting experience for the families of the Washington Metropolitan area.
Capital Children's Museum.

Your new show "Building Bridges" was wonderful!!! A+++!!! Your message on non-violence was the best yet!
Oakland Terrace Elem.

I was so spellbound over the quality of the program that I really cannot make a suggestion for improvement. As I saw it, the play was a blockbuster!!
Waverly Yowell Elem.

Fabulous show! The students learned how to solve problems in a positive an fun way. Thank You!
-Lexington Park Elem.

The students could easily identify with the characters and problems.
-Deer Park Elem.

The show was very informative and enjoyable. The children loved it and so did I!
Hyattsville Elem.

This was an absolutely outstanding program. The children really related to the conflicts. It provided for great discussion when we returned to the classroom. Job extremely well done!
Rippling Woods Elem.

The kids left singing and signing the theme song.
Belvedere Elem.

I'm glad to see performers who understand the need for quality educational entertainment.
Roye-Williams Elem.

The show approached peer mediation in a positive and motivating way! The topics covered were so typical of issues dealt with everyday in schools. The song and audience participation was great.
Wood Acres Elem.

Everything was wonderful! It reinforced our violence prevention program and peer mediation program. Excellent.
Triangle Elem.

One of the best programs on conflict resolution I have seen. Great "kid" interaction.
Resnik Elem.

We felt this was the best "cultural enrichment" program we have seen this year. It was outstanding. It's a subject that teachers deal with every day and this program is right on target.
Four Seasons Elem.

Wonderful - as usual! We love you!
Patrick Henry Elem.

Wonderful show on a serious issue facing schools today.
Patrick Henry Elem.

Loved puppets - voices were perfect. Good morals. Good songs.
St. Paul's Lower School.

It was not only entertaining but educational as well.
Grace Miller Elem.

Excellent - adults should learn such lessons!
Grace Miller Elem.

I think the other county schools should be using your program.
Dr. Mudd Elem.

The children absolutely loved this show. They wanted to sing the songs all day long. Judging by their journal entries, they learned a lot about the topic presented!
Deep Run Elem.

I was particularly impressed that the children learned the song in advance. It really made them feel involved and excited.
Poplar Tree Elem.

It was excellent in every way beginning with the manner in which we were "brought in to" the assembly.
Samuel Ogle Elem.

A great show! We loved learning the music.
School for Contemporary Education.

It was a wonderful program! The objectives were clear to the students.
Candlewood Elem.

The children were in awe! The interaction with the children and the puppeteers was wonderful!
Resnik Elem.

The program fit in with the conflict mediation program that is in place in our school.
Cunningham Park Elem.

I have seen several shows from the Blue Sky Puppet Theatre and I always have a positive experience.
Thomas Jefferson Elem.

Excellent job!! My students really enjoyed the performance.
Jenifer Elem.

When you book Blue Sky Puppet Theatre you know you're going to have a top notch performance with a meaningful message!
C. Hunter Ritchie Elem.

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