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Story Board

A production that focuses on educating young people on the dangers and health risks of vaping and tobacco use.
It also mentions drug and alcohol abuse prevention education.

This production requires a space 21 feet wide and a ceiling height of 11 feet. Puppets are viewed at 6 feet from ground. Children sit on floor (or chairs) and the first row is 8 feet from stage. An aisle is required in the audience.
Max audience size: 400.

Scene 1- Introduction of main characters. A typical modern family, brothers and sisters of junior high age, playing basketball. Honey bounces a trick shot off her head, ending the game and astounding her brothers.

Scene 2- Rehearsal for upcoming talent show. Sunny, Funny and Honey sing, with audience participation, "Being a Kid is Tough Enough".

Scene 3- Introduction of two elements. Honey has built a secret go-cart, and their next door neighbor Bouncer, who has dropped in for a visit, discovers the go-cart.

Bouncer brings by a phase shifter for Honey to use in the talent show. A phase shifter is a piece of electronic equipment that makes a voice or instrument sound like it's under water. The phase shifter becomes a metaphor for vaping and  tobacco use as well as alcohol and drugs, hence its use as the title.

Scene 4- Introduction of Sunny and Funny's basketball coach, an actor who serves as respected authority figure in the show. The team is preparing for an upcoming championship game. Sunny is depicted as a high scoring showboat on the team.

Scene 5- The brothers return home from practice to find Bouncer in their yard. Bouncer has a vape pen and offers it to the boys. They refuse, citing health risks, smell, expense, dopiness of the addictive nature of tobacco. Later, alone with Bouncer, Sunny decides to experiment with vaping. 

Scene 6- Due to his vaping, Sunny is unable to rehearse properly for the talent show. Complaining that he is sick, he goes to bed. Honey and Funny discover that he's been vaping.

Scene 7- The next day Bouncer and Sunny get together again. This time they not only vape, but they also drink alcohol offstage, with disastrous results for Sunny.  He discovers Honey's secret project, the go-cart, and with Bouncer's help, wrecks it and lands in the hospital

Scene 8- Sunny's parents have grounded him. They're worried sick. He missed the championship game. He has wrecked his sister's go-cart, and he nearly got a concussion. After his family visits and gives him their advice, Coach arrives to deliver the responsible, upbeat message of the show: "The eight truths of tobacco, drugs and alcohol." Themes such as the addictive nature of nicotine, the health risks associated with smoking and chewing tobacco, tobacco's nature as a "gateway drug," and the nature of peer pressure as well as assertiveness techniques are explored.

Scene 9- The talent contest. The first group, a punk band called 'Rapid Fire' rocks the audience in a way only the youth of America can fully understand.
They're PUNKS!!!

The contest continues. "Honey Bunny and the Concussions!" Honey, Sunny and Funny arrive on stage for the grand finale of their song. The audience sings along with their smash hit "I'VE GOT BETTER THINGS TO DO WITH MY TIME."

"I take my hat off to the script writers!" 

- Baltimore Office of Promotion

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4301 Van Buren St.  University Park,  MD  20782      301-927-5599