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Produced with National Library Series: "One World, Many Stories".
PreK-5th grade

"The Blue Sky Puppet Theatre was wonderful to work with as a performer for the "One World, Many Stories" summer reading program at the DC Public Library. The program was tailored for our customers and complemented the theme of the summer reading program perfectly. Original music compositions, handmade puppets and a full size puppet theater brought the show "alive." Engaging for all age groups birth-99+."
Colleen Semitekol, Children's Librarian, Palisades Neighborhood Library, DC Public Library

Story Board

Mrs. Picklebottom is the School Librarian and Media Specialist and is getting ready for this year's school reading program: "One World, Many Stories". Three 5th graders, Suzy, Buster and Chester, arrive at the library and ask Mrs. Picklebottom where they can find books to build an airplane. They quickly build a plane and take it for a spin around the library. (It's a puppet show, folks!)


 Mrs. Thompson's 2nd grade class arrives at the library. Rocky, one of the 2nd graders, doesn't like books so the Pigs come up with a great idea to get Rocky excited about reading. They decide to present book stories from around the world using different styles of puppetry. Mrs. Picklebottom teaches them a song to go along with their puppet shows: "One World, Many Stories".

Listen to "One World, Many Stories"!






The first story is "The Old Dog" from Latin America. The Pigs use hand puppets. In this story, the Old Dog has become too old to protect the chickens from the fox so the Farmer sends the Old Dog away. In the desert, the Old Dog meets the Coyote, a famous trickster. The Coyote pretends to attack the chickens, and the Old Dog scares him away. The Farmer is happy and takes the Old Dog back. Rocky begins to show some interest in this show.


 For the second story, "The Wise Master" from Asia, the Pigs use the shadow puppet stage. The story teaches a lesson about honesty and integrity. Rocky is becoming more curious and wants to see more.





For the third story, "Anansi" from Africa, the Pigs use the school's new toy theatre. Anansi, the spider, must complete three tasks so that the Great Cloud Spirit will send all of the stories of the world down to the people. Anansi must trap the longest snake in the world, a forest fairy and 47 wasps! Rocky is beginning to really like what he sees.  Maybe books are fun!



For their final story, the Pigs choose "The Three Princes" from the Middle East. They think about using rod puppets for this show but decide to wear costumes instead. Ironic, isn't it? This clever show features a magical crystal ball, a flying carpet and a very special orange. Rocky really likes this story and even takes part in it!



Rocky is now very excited about reading and asks for books on outer space. With the help of the Pigs, he builds a rocket and takes off!

During the post show, a puppeteer comes out front and helps the audience locate on the map what parts of the world these folktales came from. They end with singing "One World, Many Stories".

Listen to "One World, Many Stories"! 

2 minute video overview of show!
4 puppet styles: hand, rod, shadow, toy theatre
4 world cultures: Latin America, Asia, Africa, Middle East

"An ideal reading show for students. Fun, interactive, multicultural, artistic...touched every base of our reading series...highly recommended."
-Chevy Chase Library

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