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Produced in partnership with National Library Series:
"Dream Big, Read!"




"This is a great advertisement for guffaws!"

"The Blue Sky Puppet Theatre was wonderful to work with as a performer for the summer reading program at the DC Public Library. The program was tailored for our customers and complemented the theme of the summer reading program perfectly. Original music compositions, handmade puppets and a full size puppet theater brought the show "alive." Engaging for all age groups birth-99+."
Colleen Semitekol, Children's Librarian, Palisades Neighborhood Library, DC Public Library

Story Board

Goldy, a 6th grader, wants to be the world’s best babysitter like his older sister, Yvonne. He has his first babysitting job at Mr. Arthur’s house so he packs up his babysitting gear and heads out.




Mr. Arthur introduces his boxes; each with a different lock.


What Goldy doesn't know is that the treasure boxes are filled with Mr. Arthur's favorite books! Mr. Arthur needs Goldy to watch them while he goes out.



Goldy thinks it’s strange to babysit the boxes but decides that this is a great opportunity to hone his babysitting skills. He uses his “Goldy Gear” to entertain and play with the boxes.


Goldy realizes that it’s pointless to play with the boxes that are not alive so he tries to move them into the play room, but he can’t move them no matter what he does.




To Goldy’s surprise, the boxes come to life opening their eyes and talking to Goldy. They tell Goldy that they have treasures locked up inside them, but Goldy will need to solve a riddle to open each lock.

Goldy solves the riddle and gets a key to open the red box which is filled with poetry books.




Inside the red box is a poet tree and a beat box. There is a call and response poem with the audience.


Goldy solves the riddle to get the right numbers to open the combination on the green box.




Inside the green box is a pop-up book called "Goldy Locks", a creative and hilarious retelling of the classic children’s tale with Goldy Bear donning a gold wig and taking over the lead role.

Goldy eats a bowl of porridge.



Goldy breaks a chair.

Goldy gets in their bed and then is chased away.



Goldy solves the riddle to open the purple box containing a Cranky (an old fashioned story-telling device with rolling paper scrolls).


Inside the purple box is a storybook called “Will Anything Go Right For A Little Bear?!” Goldy reads the story and the cranky shows the pictures. The story is about a little bear who has a very bad day but at the end of it is able to see all of the good.

First, Little Bear runs out of milk for his cereal, and later he steps in sticky gum.



At school, Little Bear knows the answer to the equation, but the teacher can't see him sitting behind a taller student. Instead, another student answers the equation and wins a trophy. He also tries to finish his painting but ends up making a mess with red paint.

At home in bed, Little Bear grumbles about his bad day, but his mom cheers him up with ice cream. Little Bear is able to focus on of all of the good things that happened that day instead of the bad things.




Mr. Arthur comes home and praises Goldy for doing such a great babysitting job. Goldy realizes that this was not only the strangest babysitting job ever, but he realizes that the greatest treasure of all is READING!


Watch a 2 minute video of the show!


"An ideal reading show for students. Fun, interactive, artistic...touched every base of our reading series...highly recommended."
-Chevy Chase Library

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