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Story Board
This production requires a space 21 feet wide and a ceiling height of 11 feet. Puppets are viewed at 6 feet from ground. Children sit on floor (or chairs) and the first row is 8 feet from stage. An aisle is required in the audience. Max audience size: 400.
Feathers, an apprentice wood carver, saws a log with Old Carver, the village master wood worker. They have a mutual respect and admiration for each other.
Feathers shows Old Carver the mask he has carved from a piece of wood that had washed up on the shore of their village. Old Carver is impressed with the quality of work and remarks that "it looks so real that it might begin to speak".
As Feathers naps, Old Carver reminisces about how Feathers came to their village. He was an orphan abandoned in the woods. At first the villagers were afraid of him because he had feathers instead of hair, but eventually all came to love him.
After Old Carver leaves, the mask comes to life telling him of the secret of The Eleventh Finger.
From the mask comes a vision of Melisma, the Queen of Song. Her voice is beautiful, but her face is hidden beneath a veil. Upon waking, Feathers excitedly tells Old carver of his vision and asks for his permission to go in search of Melisma to learn more about her, to see her face. Old Carver tells Feathers that the secret of the Eleventh Finger is an ancient riddle of their people that no one has been able to solve.
From the mountain top they see the Island of Melisma in the distance. Old Carver sends Feathers on his way with the wish that the spirits of Earth, Wind, Water and Fire will guide and protect him.
After climbing down the side of the mountain Feathers encounters the Babbling Brook which gives him the following clue: The Eleventh Finger points the way.
On the shore Feathers must build a raft, much in the way the elders have his village have done, using the driftwood that surrounds him.
Feathers sets out across the sea towards the Island of Melisma. He is caught in the grip of a powerful whirlpool.
In the whirlpool he is saved by the Spirit of Water that gives the following clue: The Eleventh Finger makes waves as light as air.
In the sea he meets a whale who pushes him to the Island of Melisma.
In a cavern on the island he meets the Spirit of Earth that gives the clue: There are twelve tones for the Eleventh Finger.
On the plateau he questions his journey, prompting SunDial to reveal another clue: In the tenth hole you'll find the Eleventh Finger.
A volcano threatens to seal the only entrance to the mountain tunnel leading to the hidden valley that is the home of the Queen of Song. Speed is of the essence.. Melisma will be leaving at moon rise.
In the tunnel Feathers confronts problems but is aided be the Spirit of Fire that gives the clue: You need ten fingers for the Eleventh Finger.
Finally reaching the Valley of Silence Feathers meets the Spirit of Wind that aides his journey with the clue: The Eleventh Finger breathes in the reeds and blues in the wind.
In the dramatic and beautiful conclusion Feathers (performed as a masked actor) crafts the first flute, the Eleventh Finger, which summons forth Melisma (an 11 foot tall puppet) where they perform a voice and flute duet. She sends him back to the world with a new mission, to teach others, as Old Carver has taught him, to make music from wood and wind.


"Absolutely Stunning! Breathtaking! The students were completely enthralled and mesmerized. We ALL loved it...absolutely loved it!!"
-Seabrook Elementary

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