Pre and Post Show Lesson Plan


A puppet presentation on healthy diet, exercise and doctors’ visits for preK-5th grade

By: Judith and Michael Cayo-Cotter and Jeremy Young

Bananas is a 45-minute puppet presentation by Blue Sky Puppet Theatre that includes 4 original "sing-a-long" songs. Set against the backdrop of a talent contest, themes of healthy living issues are explored in a fun, upbeat and positive way. This presentation was produced in partnership with Children's Hospital.


  1. to encourage eating in a healthy manner, i.e. eating a variety of food, including fruits, grains and vegetables, and drinking more water for energy.
  2. encourage physical activity including running, playing skipping and jumping.
  3. have regular doctor visits for check ups and shots.
  4. have a fun educational experience with puppetry.

AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION: The students will be involved in controlled audience participation throughout the show. They will learn 4 original health-related songs, all with physical gestures. A complimentary CD of the songs is supplied to the school. Additional CDs are available to teachers at a nominal cost.

STAGING: The presentation involves rod puppets operated above a 6-foot-tall curtain. We prefer to set up on the floor level in front of your stage. We can set up in any appropriate room; auditorium, gym, cafeteria or all-purpose room. Seating may be on the floor or in chairs, with the first row of seating being 15 feet from the stage for good visibility.

Pre-show Discussion Questions:

  1. Make a list of the class’ favorite fruits.
  2. Make a list of the class’ favorite vegetables.
  3. Make list of favorite breads, cereals, pastas and rice.
  4. Make a list of favorite healthy activities, i.e. running, skipping, climbing, etc.
  5. Discuss active and passive activities, i.e. basketball and reading
  6. Discuss the different common styles of puppets: hand, stringed, shadow and rod.
  7. Discuss what makes a rod (or stick) puppet. This is the kind the students will see.
  8. Discuss student’s attitudes towards doctor visits. Afraid of shots or blood tests?
  9. Discuss the role of television in health problems.(junk food promotion, couch time)
  10. Play show songs CD that have been supplied to the school.

Post-show Discussion Questions:

  1. Which was your favorite pig in the show? Why? What made you like him?
  2. Which was your favorite song? What was it about?
  3. What was the purpose of the show?
  4. The show started with a character on TV. What did that character tell the pig?
  5. What does the expression, "do it, don’t just view it" mean to you.
  6. The pigs each felt that their topic was the most important. Which do you think was?
  7. What "puppets" did each of the characters make for their show at the contest?
  8. How could you start eating or living healthier?

Post-show Activities:

  1. Draw pictures of your favorite fruits, vegetables, etc.
  2. Make a list of active and passive activities.
  3. Put on a play about going to the see the doctor.
  4. Drink a big glass of water.
  5. Go outside and play!