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Thanks for your interest in Box Boy!

Here's the cost, cheap at twice the price! We're not trying to get rich, just break even. :)

One beautiful published copy of Box Boy = $19.95 plus $3.25 postage 

$23.20 total

or swing by the house, pick up the book, save the postage, and visit!  

Buy 2 or more books = $15.00 each

2-3 books = add $3.65 postage   

4 books = add $4.25 postage

5-6 books = add $4.85 postage

7-8 books = add $5.45 postage 

Yeah right, Michael, like somebody's going to order 8 books! You never know! A great holiday gift for grandkids and friends!


In order to process this request, you need to email me with:

1. how many books you are ordering

 2. mailing address or addresses 3.who we should dedicate the book to as we personalize it

4. include your name and telephone number

Click this link to email: drama711@aol.com

As soon as we receive the money, they will get dropped in the mail that day.  

There are 3 methods you can use to buy this book:

1.  Paypal:

Click this link: Paypal

2.  Venmo:

 Username: Judith-Cotter

(last 4 digits of phone: 8813)

3.  Mail Check: 

Michael Cotter

4301 Van Buren Street

University Park, MD 20782



4301 Van Buren Street,  University Park,  MD  20782      301-927-5599